7 Simple Steps to write an effective blog post.

1. Select a topic

What area do you want to write about? There are so many topics that you can possibly write about but you are not going to write about everything and anything. 

The choice of topic will more likely be influenced by your passion or profession. This is because you want to write about something that comes easily to you. You want to write about something that you have authority over. Below is a list of popular blog posts topics.

  • Professional content
  • Fun content
  • Sports
  • Passions like music, photography, and reading
  • Travel blogs.
  • Journaling
  • Fiction
  • Tall tales

2. What audience do you want to write for?

The same way that you have to narrow down your topics is the same way that you have to pick your audience. Your topics will speak to a particular audience.

Knowing exactly who you’re writing for, helps you to craft pieces they will relate to and find quite useful. When you know who your target reader is, you create better blog posts that they want to read and share.

Personally, I feel like I write for a middle-aged audience that is still figuring out their passion or for an audience that is into personal growth, learning and development.

3. Research

I know we said to write about your passions and professions. That means you are writing about something that you know so well. So why do research? The world is quickly changing. There is always going to be new knowledge. Remember Nokia? How about Skype? There was Yahoo too. I know these great products and services are still here but we now have great alternatives. When you do your research, you are learning something new and sharing with your audience information that is new and relevant.

Do so much research so that people come to your blog to do their research.

4. Presentation

This for me is how your whole blog appears to the readers. 

  • Is your title inviting? Your title should reveal just enough without giving away so much of the subject matter.
  • Use images. A picture speaks more than 1,000 words
  • Use bullet lists. These are very easy to read and comprehend.
  • Spellcheck. Just one mistake in your work and you will lose all credibility.
  • Choose a font that looks professional and clear and a large font size. People will read your blog from many devices and places. 

5. Call to action

You are writing your blog post to attract readers. What action are they meant to take after reading your post? 

What takeaway are your readers going away with from your blog post

What activity do you want your readers to do on your website? Perhaps to subscribe to your newsletter or to download a book or to share your blog post.

6. Publish

You have done everything as suggested above. You have done your research and written for the right audience. Perhaps you still think that the post is not ready yet. You are looking for the perfect post. My advice, click that publish button. There is no such a thing as a perfect post. Save that time and invest it into your next blog post.

Remember to be consistent with your blog by publishing your blog posts regularly.

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