Stay Connected with Friends and Family on Facebook.

Created in 2004, Facebook today has over 2.7 Billion users. Keep up with the times and join the biggest social media channel to connect with family and friends.

Below are 10 ways you can get the most out of Facebook.

  1. Sign up to get started

The sign up process is really easy. 

If you do not have an account with Facebook, you can create an account on this login page. Facebook does not ask for much information. To get started, you will provide the following information.

  • Your name
  • Your phone number or email address
  • A password. Try to pick a strong one. Passwords like your name or pet’s name do not count. 
  • Your date of birth. Minors are will not be allowed here.

2. Build your friends list

As soon as you get signed up on Facebook, you will send and receive friend requests. Visit notifications to see these friendship requests. Accept the friendship request, if you know the person or okay with connecting with the person.

3. Send and receive private messages.

Facebook has its own great messaging system. I think it is a great way of contacting people without knowing their email addresses. These messages are also private, so only you and the person that you are messaging can see them. You also receive an email notification when someone messages you, so you never miss a contact.

4. Share photos with friends

Share every moment with friends and family by uploading your photos and videos to Facebook. Have some fun with Facebook by adding descriptions, filters, and stickers to your photos. Remember to tag your friends so that they can be instantly notified about the photos. These also appear on their walls and timelines.

5. Create a Facebook story

Visually share messages through Facebook stories. These appear at the very top of the Facebook feed. They are temporary too. They only last for 24 hours. The best way to share stories is by mobile phone.

6. Take Facebook further.

There’s so much more you can do with Facebook. My favorite Facebook features are pages and events. Great if you have a company or an organization that you belong to. Highlight your company events, activities, products, and services through Facebook pages.

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